A workshop can be conducted to inform or to gather. Either with users or a team, the aim is to share knowledge and methods that will make a difference, the key is facilitation.

"Have you found that your team can have all the data they need, but there are many different conclusions to discuss? Or maybe you notice a gap in your team's skillset you need to fill?"

How we'll drive engagement and learning through facilitation

The value proposition of a workshop differs based on the context, attendees and the expected outcome. Whether you are gaining insights from potential customers, developing a shared understanding of processes with your team or increasing skillsets, workshops allow everyone to connect in an intuitively hands-on environment that breeds clarity. Having this concentrated time together, focussing on fundamental tasks by utilising engaging methods, can shift perceptions and allow you to move forward, having gathered cohesive insights or introduced new techniques.
When we run a workshop that aims to look at the facts and construct a shared view, our aim is to pull out all the differing perceptions in the room, uncover the hidden insights each attendee has and map them in a logical and connected way. Whether the purpose is to uncover a pattern, focus in on an issue or to ideate a service solution, getting to the root of each individuals knowledge and experience is key. From crafting affinity diagrams, to running 'butcher paper workshops' in order to dilute a high level process down to its basic elements, we will customise, devise and facilitate a workshop that explores the full context.

Principles of an effective and engaging workshop

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Workshops attain high ROI, but only if they are driven in the right way and with the right presence.

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The cornerstone of any user-centered endeavour, understanding what the frontline see is key.

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Whether it's a technique new to your team, a full process or a general overview workshop. Make the change.

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To gain insight, everyone needs to contribute. That comes from environment and facilitation.

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To get the right kind of answers, you need the right questions. Influence your attendees to be open.

Relevant methods we may use
A workshop can be an in-depth session, allowing you to learn from various differing perceptions. To uncover those, we have effective methods to kickstart any session.
• Affinity diagrams
/ how does all the data relate
• Journey mapping

/ what does the full journey look like
• Butcher paper workshops

/ grab all the insights, carve through all assumption
• Process mapping

/ what are the elements of the actual process

Potential outcomes we will present

Guidance toward best practices and how to establish them.
Actual view
Practical recommendations based on validated research.
Key indicators
Suggestions for both measuring and achieving success.

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