User Experience

The interactions that customers have with your brand, what they see, and how they feel are vital factors for you to tailor. Iterating concepts and refining the journey are key to moulding that experience.

"Maybe the analytics you're tracking aren't reflecting the numbers you're wanting to hit. With user engagement and conversions, the experience plays a major contributing force."

We will refine a user centered experience especially for your customer

Whether your offering is a product or service, tangible or not, the experience consumes the whole action of the purchase. Your customer (the user) is guided by emotion and instinct when they come across your product, and the main thing that informs their perception of it, isn't how it works or looks, but how they feel in that situation. It's said that the best product can fail if not marketed well, and this is true because of the many different factors in play when the customer is confronted with that product.
By taking a much closer look at your target audience and understanding their environment, we can tailor that experience to yield the best possible engagement. In order to do this we employ many different methods which are designed to take us right down to user level. We consume the available information on who they are and what they are like as people, and directly focus that into the design of a more engaging product. Drilling down into the real user needs and experiencing their environment ourselves, gives us the ability to develop intrinsic value.

Principles to drive an engaging and invaluable experience

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Interactions are behaviour-driven, and with design thinking we can sculpt positive, directing influence.

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Information requires a structure to make sense and be consumed. So logical thinking is key to its architecture.

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Engaging graphics can reinforce meaning and create initial trust with the user, as part of a robust toolset.

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Mobile first
Today, your customers are mobile. Ensuring your product is easily consumed on a mobile device can be vital.

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The worst thing about a new product is a really thick manual. Intuitive design needs to be engrained.

Relevant methods we may use
With user experience, we harness a collection of vital methodologies that are well used throughout the industry, and are key to best practice.
• Personas
/ who are the users
• User journey

/ touchpoints the user goes through
• Affinity diagram

/ how do ideas and concepts relate
• Wireframes

/ simple, structured concepts

Potential outcomes we will present

Using ethnography and user testing to erase assumption.
Experience blueprint
Full blown structure and architecture based on evidence.
Visualised concepts
Something you can really see and use to drive solutions.

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