Service Design

A service doesn't just come down to a refined end product or output, how the user or customer interacts with key touchpoints en route takes planning and consideration.

"If it ever looks like part of your process is holding your customers back, or that they're not being given the right options, you may need to look at the bigger picture of what you're offering."

How we'll strip your service down, refining touchpoints and their relation

Effectively planning and organising an offering, whether it's a service or a product, includes looking into the inputs and outputs of each stage of the process. What does the user or customer have to feed in to gain options for moving forward, and if any issues arise, how can they deal with them. This aspect of design looks deeply into the lives of the user, what their situation is, what tools they have, where the information that they give is sent to in order to be processed. All these meaningful considerations, and a whole host more, need to be considered for a service to legitimately cater for the target audience and affected parties.
By analysing and breaking down the current situation, we can visualise the process to gain a greater, more detailed understanding of the mandated process. From this point we talk to the frontline, gain insight to how they actually work with the process, and uncover the inadequacies and resource drains that may be hindering the service. The output from this kind of activity and engagement, creates the opportunity to develop measureable outcomes and validated requirements.
Whether affixing to a next-generation operating model, or leading the way with digitization, service design is a key factor for transformation in the digital age.

Elements to reform a greater service foundation

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Mapping the potential scenarios where your service is used, establishes vital knowledge.

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Each possible journey contains several potential outcomes. Directing and catering for these is key.

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Creating viable concepts for execution is one thing, to test their viability you need prototypes.

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A business follows a model, something that states its value. Is there a shared interpretation and is it structured?

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User research
How your service is consumed and experienced says everything about it.

Relevant methods we may use
Relying on methodologies that are intrinsic to gaining a real world perspective, we conduct service design by focussing on delivery and the end user.
• Flipgap©
/ what are the service gaps
• Personas

/ who are your users, really
• Contextual interviews

/ what do users and stakeholders think
• Business model innovation

/ what's the value of your offering

Potential outcomes we will present

Service blueprint
Visual representation of user touchpoints and service delivery.
Value network
Mapping the exchanges of value within the service.
Experience mapping
We identify and present users' experience of the service.

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