Research & Insights

The first priority when offering anything to a target audience, is research. Without having talked to and gained insight from that group, the whole product or service has a foundation based on assumption.

"Do you understand an average day of your target audience, and how your offering fits into that? Or know about the differing behaviours within the target age range? If not, then do you even have the right target."

Why we'll source and collect real world insight about your customer

All projects, all intentions to create something, start with assumption, your assumption of what is needed. In order to validate the need, and overall potential of an offering, a foundation based on real user research is vital. User insight and ethnographic studies are the due diligence of creating any new product or service, or even refining a preexisting one. With the research and insights we pull back from a selection of your true audience, we can begin directing you toward the most valuable and engaging solutions that will ultimately increase ROI.
There are many different ways we can approach the target audience for this kind of research, or even just the environment in which you are catering for. Whether we invite participants to a group session, phone them for a short interview, or conduct guerrilla research by visiting their environment unobtrusively, we can ensure valuable gains. From general observational visits, to in-depth feedback through constructed questions, or even detailed recordings of participants in situ, we get to the heart of real user needs.

Best practices for gathering real world insights

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Studying the group, not just one person, gives you the variety of perspective you require, it's holistic.

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When recruiting or inviting a selection of users, three is the minimum in order to gain an average.

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A plan of action is always important, but the main factor is getting out there in any way possible.

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Collectively gathering input from a group in a session is valuable, even more so when it's directed.

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Discovering as much about their environment as possible is key, especially untampered.

Relevant methods we may use
As research is such a fundamental part of what we do and what should be included in every project, we have an arsenal of contextual methods that give the best chance of connecting with the target audience.
• Interviews
/ what the target audience have to say
• A/B testing

/ which tested options are best
• Field studies

/ what are the target audience really like
• Usability testing

/ what works for users and how

Potential outcomes we will present

Pure validation
Facts based insights to compare and refine against.
Insights report
Concise documentation, referencing contact and gains.
User needs
Needs from the user's POV to balance with business needs.

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